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Web Development

Our web development specialists and web designers can assist you with all your web development needs including Website Development and Design, Site Maintenance and Operation, and Web Hosting

Content Management

A personalised and effective Content Management System (CMS) will undoubtedly increase your business’ efficiency and productivity.

Educational Technologists

Our team can provide reporting solutions for Australian Educational regulatory data requirements (HEIMS, AVETMISS).

We are Learning Management Systems specialists.

Do you need a Web Application or Web Site built?

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About Us

Personalised service - from the very first consultation to a project’s successful completion, we work together with you every step of the way. We cater our web development solutions to meet your every need and keep you informed of progress through the entire process. At Lighthouse Labs, you can feel at ease because you retain control of your project.

Efficiency and Reliability - At Lighthouse Labs, when we set a time frame, we stick to it. Unlike some other IT service providers, we don’t like to keep our clients waiting because we know how vital deadlines are to a business. We can offer unmatched reliability and efficiency due to our expertise, knowledge and customised web solutions.

Affordability - Lighthouse Labs web development, can offer affordable web development solutions and services for any budget. We can offer great prices because our skilled designers and web developers determine the most effective web development tools for the project, so there is no duplication or time wasting.

Quality Guarantee - Lighthouse Labs web development, strictly adheres to all coding standards and all our solutions and services are extensively tested, proven and guaranteed for optimal reliability and effectiveness.

Satisfied Clients - At Lighthouse Labs, we are committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction. That is why we offer all our clients personalised service and support. We offer you all you need to be successful.